m a g e n t a

exactly one year has passed since the 2013 floods here in calgary. it was a bizarre time in the city. i was fortunate and my home was unaffected. the week after was a lot of thumb twiddling, but the city was resilient and bounced back even stronger.

this week has been gloomy and grey. the kind of week where i forego any type of productive early morning routines to sleep until my last alarm goes off and nags me out of bed. i always say though, on days (weeks) like these, coffee tastes so much better, bon iver sounds so much sadder, and hiding out in a yoga studio all day seems like a pretty sweet deal.

also, pink things appear much pinker.


b e e t & b e r r y  smoothie


one small beet, roasted and cooled

1 c. berries (raspberries + strawberries)

1 c. almond milk

1 tbsp. tahini

1 chunk ginger

pumpkin seeds for garnish

One thought on “m a g e n t a

  1. Love the picture, super fun! And isn’t it crazy that it has already been a year since the floods? It feels like no time has passed whatsoever!

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