m o m e n t s

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i have maybe a million and one happy places. actually, more reoccurring moments or parts of my routine that make me feel so comfortable and content, i really connect with the meaning of gratitude and life feels full. some of them include walking up the steps of yoga passage. waiting at the train station for my mom to pick me up when i go over to┬ávisit. walking through downtown in the mornings when it’s still cool out and the air reaks of coffee and smoke. lately my happiest happy place/ moment has been the commute home. my schedule is so that as soon as i finish work, i can slip into the studio where a class is conveniently just beginning. by the time i’m heading home, i’m blissed out, any of the day’s potential stresses are washed away and remain as a pool of my sweat on the studio floor. the walk or bike ride home is slow. slower than it needs to be. the sun is at that spot where the light hits everything perfectly, and everything is at its most lovely. the buskers are filling the air with their sounds, families and pets are out on their evening strolls, and lately the air has been filled with smells of lilacs and barbecue smoke. likely every moment is filed with this much perfection, you just need to look and once you look, it’s hard to look away.

One thought on “m o m e n t s

  1. You have a way of making me smile while I read your posts. June is a time when I’m lovin’ the light and fragrences these days.

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