s w e a t e r w e a t h e r

call me basic, but i love the fall. even though it’s brief and it bridges us to the 11.5 month Calgary winter, there is romance in every moment & the fashion is inspiring. here are three sweaters that i want to drown in during the mornings while i listen to Nina Simone & drink coffee as the gold stained light creeps in through the windows


clockwise 1/ 2/ 3


w e e k e n d | 10.13.14

the weekend came to me like a melodramatic, slow motion embrace. only instead of running through an open field, it was more of a hurdling through obstacles and drowning in caffeinated beverages. saturday morning came so sweetly & i spent the days sleeping in, hanging at the neighborhood coffee joint, teaching & taking yoga classes, having late evenings with friends for thanksgiving dinners & drinking bottles {& bottles, & bottles} of wine. i hope you have the leaf crunchiest monday with your favorite people, and listen toย the new alt j album while you’re at it!