food on your face // c o c o n u t & c o f f e e body scrub

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its not news that i have a thing for coffee. but as much as i drink of the stuff, i have yet to ever (ever) make a decent cup of it myself. it always comes out too strong with a layer of grit and resentment settled at the bottom of my thrifted mug. i’ve had a package of coffee grounds in my pantry since i moved into my apartment, and after my most recent curdled-almond-milky-lingering-burnt-after-taste-ee cup, i decided to repurpose the grounds for a greater good. i softened 2 spoonfuls each of coconut oil and honey together and stirred in a cup of stale, uncooperative, cursed coffee grinds. i used it this morning to scrub my hands and rinsed with warm water. the coconut oil lingers after you wash the scrub off and your hands feel like velvet and you’ll probably have this song in your head all day, just so ya know.

b l o o d / the middle east

this song has single handedly been my life’s soundrack for the past couple-a weeks. it makes me feel so good, and my days feel incomplete if i don’t get around to listening to it. my neighbors have busted me dancing around my living room to it on more than one occassion, and i’m constantly humming it under my breath.

w e l c o m e t o s u m m e r

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It’s the first day of summer and i’m inspired to make it full of adventure and beautiful moments. spending the weekday evenings in the sun and soaking up this city that i love, and escaping to the woods or mountains and floating down the river on the weekends. the summertime feels so spacious and full of potential to finally ease into a life of effortlessness and play.

Eating / giant salads, green smoothies, ice cream in waffle cones
Drinking / infused water and sangria
Practicing / spontaneity, presence, and french
Playing / with creating more raw food recipes
Learning / more about my camera and graphic design
Trying / to branch out more with teaching yoga
Reading / more books, less buzzfeed articles
Wearing / Cut-off shorts, t-shirts, and slip dresses
Cooking / elaborate, colorful meals to feed my friends
Working / harder and less
Traveling / to the water
Listening / The Bahamas, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart


i m a g e s / 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


m a g e n t a

exactly one year has passed since the 2013 floods here in calgary. it was a bizarre time in the city. i was fortunate and my home was unaffected. the week after was a lot of thumb twiddling, but the city was resilient and bounced back even stronger.

this week has been gloomy and grey. the kind of week where i forego any type of productive early morning routines to sleep until my last alarm goes off and nags me out of bed. i always say though, on days (weeks) like these, coffee tastes so much better, bon iver sounds so much sadder, and hiding out in a yoga studio all day seems like a pretty sweet deal.

also, pink things appear much pinker.


b e e t & b e r r y  smoothie


one small beet, roasted and cooled

1 c. berries (raspberries + strawberries)

1 c. almond milk

1 tbsp. tahini

1 chunk ginger

pumpkin seeds for garnish

# f p m e

took a stroll last weekend with the girls from free people calgary to show off their fancy, flouncy clothes. what i adore about free people — aside from the lace heavy dresses and washed out denim and strappy backed everything, is that they share a feeling tone and create a community and a lifestyle. the lovely staff at the calgary location invited a few local free people enthisiasts to hang out, pull some looks, take some shots, and introduced us to free people me, an app that immerses you into the lifestyle by sharing style photos with other free people people. eyelash.jpg whitenbrite.jpg

m o m e n t s

vscocam388 vscocam388

i have maybe a million and one happy places. actually, more reoccurring moments or parts of my routine that make me feel so comfortable and content, i really connect with the meaning of gratitude and life feels full. some of them include walking up the steps of yoga passage. waiting at the train station for my mom to pick me up when i go over to visit. walking through downtown in the mornings when it’s still cool out and the air reaks of coffee and smoke. lately my happiest happy place/ moment has been the commute home. my schedule is so that as soon as i finish work, i can slip into the studio where a class is conveniently just beginning. by the time i’m heading home, i’m blissed out, any of the day’s potential stresses are washed away and remain as a pool of my sweat on the studio floor. the walk or bike ride home is slow. slower than it needs to be. the sun is at that spot where the light hits everything perfectly, and everything is at its most lovely. the buskers are filling the air with their sounds, families and pets are out on their evening strolls, and lately the air has been filled with smells of lilacs and barbecue smoke. likely every moment is filed with this much perfection, you just need to look and once you look, it’s hard to look away.